Invest in WORK-TASK!

You can choose any option - where the program and your data will be stored on the Work-task server or on your corporate server. The only difference is who will serve the program. In the first case, the entire responsibility for uninterrupted work lies on Work-task team.

Task and execution control module
Testing and certification module
Internal correspondence module
Organization module
Free updates within 3 years
500 GB of disk space for an organization of 100 people


Pleasant news! After the conclusion of the contract, you do not have to pay the whole amount at once. In the beginning, we offer to pay only 40% of the software cost, the remaining you pay monthly for 3 years. During these three years, you get all the updates for free of charge. Therefore, the functional of the program will always meet the requirements of the market.

work-task cloud
Work-task Installation on the company server
from 3650
From 5000
450$ Annual fee for maintenance, hosting and updates
Updates to the purchased modules within 3 years are included in the price