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The USERS MANUAL is used for the effective management of employees, and the development of their competencies.

Work-task solves the critical task of combining the process of everyday tasks and development of competencies

- the concept that allows you to organize the daily activities of all employees of the company, so that we can monitor and develop the effectiveness of each. The program is an integral element in the maintenance of standards in the company.

There are several forces that counteract the effective development of competencies. Work-task allows to solve each of these tasks

The weak involvement of middle-level managers; a huge load of HR departments; considerable costs of education; the inertia of the collective.

Without the involvement of managers at all levels in the development of the competences of the impact is reduced and the load on the top-management and HR departments will become excessive.

What solves the WORK-TASK?

1. Increase the involvement of managers at all levels

The control over the activities of the leaders of the occurs with the help of special forms

2. Increases the motivation and overcomes the inertia of the team

thanks to the application of the mentoring system and also better involvement of managers in the work of employees, their motivation increases as they become more productive and receive feedback from the leaders. The same in the system should be used to maintain the development of corporate culture of leaders. Thanks to the instruments of the WT is easy, but you want to include in the list of tasks for the participants in the process.

4. Reduces the load on the HR-departments and redistributes the entire team

development staff competencies focus on HR departments, as only they are able to qualitatively and professionally to plan the operation.

In the case of the technology WT the load is transferred to the heads all links. As WT allows to make the planning system understandable to middle-level managers. As they are tools for the development these competencies.

5. Optimizes the invest in the education

Personnel costs is due to the fact that the already existing in the organization knowledge are transferred on the principles of mentoring. Thanks to the prepared in the forms of these principles are applied consistently and effectively.

Optimization of development and mentoring system at the expense WK’s established forms

Work-task - generator of FEEDBACK


Principles of setting goals were simple, transparent. The Work-task identified and easily eliminated the gaps leaders in managing staff.

The introduction of the development

The prescribed functional responsibilities development of heads allows you to develop not only one particular employee, but the entire team.

Master Leader

for you purchase essential to the Master Leader employees - in development, in the mood and in compliance


using our technology, you will be able to control the work of employees remotely.

Increases the loyalty of employees to the company

a positive attitude to employees leads to an increase in the effectiveness of the enterprise.

Build a corporate culture

The formation process of the values embedded in the required processes at all levels, from the leaders to subordinates. And it can be monitored.

We make standards with

Evaluation and development of competences.

Instcons-Standard allows to make the planning system evaluation and development of competences understandable to middle-level managers. Provides tools for the development competencies. The system triggers the application of the principles of mentoring. Thanks to this employees become more motivated and productive. Work-task helps to redistribute the load when the development of competences with the departments of HR managers at all levels. The Work-task the development of competencies and the process of everyday tasks not divided.

Effective processes

Using the Work-task we can keep track of what the functional responsibilities of the staff are in the active zone and what downtime that allows us to adjust the boot, eliminate the "empty" direction, define a clear normativity, and to control the end result. When forming processes, we have an opportunity to evaluate in action, as far as the meet requirements and adjust "in place".


The work on the basis of the data

Efective solutions are directly related to the accuracy of data we have from each plot. The timely receipt of accurate data allows you not only to react quickly to challenges, but increase production efficiency. When working on technology Instcons - Standard we can have real-time data throughout the production range at a time.

Continuous improvement

When completed phase of improvement, the leaders see opportunities for new changes. It is important to involve in this process throughout the organization. The possibility to improve must lay at the stage of analysis, because from the very beginning, all participants must understand the ultimate goal and method of its achievements. We прописываем in the duties of the head of the each level need to engage in the improvement and his personal responsibility for the development of the capacity of staff. When each employee involved in the development of this consistently will lead to the success of the Organization as a whole.

The 21st century requires continuous improvement.