- the program that allows to systematize the daily activities of all employees of the company, in a way to control and develop the effectiveness of everyone. The program is an integral part of maintaining high standards in the company.

  • Stable growth

  • Timely control

  • Effective processes

  • Development of competencies

  • Involvement of Heads

  • High quality

What do we standardize


  • Effective management

    Heads establish the agreed targets of management and the internal environment of the organization. They create the environment where employees can become completely involved in achievement of the objectives of the organization. Standardization of processes by Instcons-Standard technology leads to the fact that controlling of tasks performance becomes simpler. Subsequently effectiveness of employees increases and decreases a stress of heads while managing of organization.

  • Involvement of employees

    Full involvement of employees of all levels promotes their potential to be used maximum profitable for the organization. Head and their employees involve by the following reasons: activity becomes more transparent and controllable; heads see how they can influence on effectiveness and motivation of employees.

  • Efficient processes

    By the help of Work-task program we can track which of the functional duties of employees are in the active zone and which are idle, which allows us to adjust the load, eliminate "empty" directions, set a clear normativity, and control the final result. While forming processes, we have an opportunity in action to evaluate how much they meet the set requirements and adjust "by place".

  • Assessment and development of competences

    Instcons-Standard allows to make system of planning and development of competences clear for heads of middle management. Tools for development of these competences are given. The system provokes use of the managing principles. Thanks to that employees become more motivated and productive. Work-task helps to redistribute loading of competences development from departments of HR to heads of all levels. In Work-task development of competences and daily tasks performance processes aren t divided.

  • Work on the basis of the received data

    Effective decisions are directly connected with the accuracy of data which we have from every source. Timely received reliable data allows not only to react quickly to tasks, but also to increase production efficiency. During the work by Instcons-Standard technology we can possess data on all industrial complex in real time.

  • System of consumers needs

    Organizations are depend on the consumers and, therefore they have to understand their current and future requirements, have to meet their requirements and seek to exceed their expectations. At the first stage we analyze possibilities of the organization and consumer needs. We correspond the data and we form the most exact and productive sales strategy.

  • Creation of values with partners

    Ability of the organization and its partners to create value strengthens by means of mutually profitable relations. An important part, is system of values which we build together with those who participate in process. All parties have to understand and support a final goal. It will allow us to increase competitiveness of the offer and service quality. In modern economy the enterprise cant build independently from suppliers and contractors the general line any more. Deep communications and accurate coordination have to create additional values.

  • Continuous improvement

    When the improvement stage is passed, heads see opportunities for new changes. It is important to involve all organization in this process. Opportunities for improvement should be put at an analysis stage, from the very beginning all participants have to understand a final problem and a way of its achievement In job description of heads of each level we implement obligation an involvement in improvement and its personal responsibility for development of potential of employees. When each employee is involved in development it steadily will result in success of all organization.

Instcons-Standard - a complex of actions for optimization and standardization of business processes, development of employee competences systematization of control and an involvement of heads that increases competitiveness of the enterprise.

Instcons - Standard initiates continuous improvement of the organization. By the help of Work-task you can control efficiency of standards implementation and their maintenance. Implementation loading can decrease by ten times. Work-task allows to see defects in processes and in due time to adjust them. Speed of optimization increases and expenses on standardization are decreased.


Implementation of technology occurs in 4 stages:

  • Diagnostics / analysis;;
  • Formation of decisions technologically suitable under specifics of the enterprise;;
  • Implementation of decisions;;
  • Implementation of continuous improvement principle.

Approved actions

International statistics confirms that investments in standardization allow to receive repeatedly bigger result. Economic effect of standardization is reflected as follows

  • Production - 15-20%;
  • Operation field - 50%;
  • Designing-construction work - 30-35%.