Jobsstaff - the specialist in the field of human resources development. Our Company specializes in development and implementation of innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of activities of various companies. We have created a cloud solution Worktask which serves as the universal tool for development and formation of employee competences, and also unique autoregistrar of the CV Jobsstaff which will become your irreplaceable assistant in attraction and recruitment of personnel. Our technologies will help you to reach real positive effect of business optimization and working processes. It became possible thanks to use of modern technologies and techniques which are one of front lines in the CIS countries and in Europe today, and often have no analogs. Since 2007 the efficiency evaluation and development of competences became important directions of our company.


We want to show all benefits of reforms through our technologies and to convince employees and top management how strongly their own resources can help them.


With our work we aim to create and help people to improve the processes and their achievements as much as possible. We develop the innovative technology oriented first of all to development of people and their opportunities.

Implementation of the innovations by the initiated education, increase in loyalty and professionalism of employees, perfection of a corporate culture in the organization – the main directions of our company.

Jobsstaff creates customer specific solutions that bring to make not only the actual profit for clients, but also to realize achievement of goal - on unity of the organization, increase in motivation and an involvement of employees.


We see the global potential of people willing to think freely in decision-making and innovative - in the creation of approaches to complex situations. This valuable idea we have made the basis of all our work.

Jobsstaff intends to contribute to the formation and development of the country, implementing, together with the top management of the business industry of their projects and ideas, thus making this process as systematic and effective.

For this purpose the company consecutively is developing and constantly improving consulting products, technologies and methods for the business sector. These are Worktask, OTOP - Sales Resources and SOFS - Top Management's Resources, which are already used by leading companies in different regions and sectors of economy.